Blue Generation Apparel

M. Rubin & Sons which is popularly known as Blue Generation is an American based company that is a major player in promotional apparel. Blue Generation apparel has headquarters established in Long Island City, New York. Blue Generation was formed in 1944 which produces Blue Generation corporate and casual apparel. B&A Uniforms gladly presents Blue Generation as one of our top sellers.

Blue Generation Uniforms

Blue Generation is best known for their variety of colors and sizes. There's a few optic colored for high visibility needs, such as construction sites and school crossings. They are dedicated to developing styles that use technologically advanced patent fabrics, resulting in superior-performing garments. For example for the hospitality industry there fabrics are made resistant to stains. This is superior quality that Blue Generations is known for, they strive to use textiles that will impress the user. The uniforms provide comfort and also caters to many industries.

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Blue Generation is recognized for their superior performance textiles and variety colors so people can find something new every time they view Blue Generation merchandise. From their unique style, the variety of colors, to their comfortable fit, quality, and price; Blue Generation apparel can provide you with the best prices for your uniforms.

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