Edwards Garment Company

Edwards Garment Company, popularly known as Edwards, is an American based company that operates as a subsidiary of Kazoo. Edwards apparel has headquarters established in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Edwards Garment Company was formed in 1867, which produces Edwards corporate and casual apparel. B&A Uniforms gladly presents Edwards as one of our top sellers.

Quality Edwards Uniforms

Edwards outerwear is design with materials that provide both comfort, and aseptic conditions to the wearer. The apparel includes polyester and cotton, which ensures elastic flexibility. Most of the uniforms they create have a contemporary fit. The uniforms provide comfort. Edwards has made apparel in a variety of industries. Depending on the job you're doing, you will always have the right uniform on for the task you're performing. You have features such as a clip-on tie, making it accessible to put on and remove. Design for visibility, Edwards colors is safe to wear to ensure you can work within all conditions. Edwards has designed their uniforms to last, and provide comfort with when working.

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Edwards is recognized for their authenticity, and creativity so people can find something new each time they view Edward's merchandise. From their unique style, a variety of colors, to their comfortable fit, quality, and price; Edwards apparel can provide you with the best deal for your uniforms.