Maevn Uniforms

B&A Uniforms provides high quality medical apparel products from Maevn. Maevn first came into existence in San Francisco, CA. in 1995. Their humble origins began not as a dominant medical apparel distributor, but as a mail order catalog company. As time progressed, Maevn made it their steeple to maintain a high level of integrity, reliability, and transparency. As a result of this Maevn became a team of experienced professionals that has years of successful experience in the uniform market. Today, we are proud to say that Maevn is one of our top sellers.

Specialized Scrubs

What sets Maevn apart is their attention to detail. Their scrubs are made with COOLMAX® fabric technology which employs specially engineered fibers designed to draw moisture away from the skin, keeping the you cool and dry. These scrubs designed to be wrinkle resistant with minimal shrinkage. Special care was added to ensure that the material that they use is lightweight, soft, and breathable allowing for both performance and a professional look.

Quality Products

With the quality of apparel Maevn provides us, we are proud to showcase their vast selection of brands such as Blossom, Empress, Gravity, Ecoflex, Eon/Eon Active, Red Panda, Primaflex along with others. Their brands cover almost all the body types with variety in designs and patterns that we are confident that you'll love.

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