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Uncommon Threads is one of the brand leaders in chef uniforms, and offer a great variety of hats, neckwears, aprons, utility shirts, chef pants, and chef and server coats. Whether they provide short sleeves or long sleeves, knotted buttons or plastic buttons, recycled fabric or Egyptian cotton; we are sure you will find what you need. From traditional style to contemporary style, the possible combinations are endless. Uncommon Threads chef jackets are made with the user in mind and has a variety of colors. Uncommon Threads has the right chef coat to fit your needs while keeping you fresh and comfortable all day long.

Uncommon Threads Uniforms

Our variety of Uncommon Threads aprons includes several popular styles to suit the needs of your staff. The two and three pocket waist aprons are often favored by waiters and waitresses who need to hold cash, pens and bill folders. The longer 4-way waist aprons are a favorite of chefs and dishwashers. There is no such thing as a free hand when serving. Amply-Sized, lie-flat pockets make for server aprons that function well without letting the contents fall easily

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Uncommon Threads is recognized for their high-performance textiles and variety of colors so customers can find something new every time they view Uncommon Threads merchandise. From their unique style to the range of colors, to their comfortable fit, quality, and price; Uncommon Threads apparel can provide you with the best prices for your uniforms.